LTTA Upgrade e-adults

Elche, Spain dal 8/14 novembre 2021.

The first LTTA of the UPGRADE E-ADULTS project n 2019-1-CZ01-KA204-061219 took place in Elche, southern Spain. The meeting was attended by 18 people, 3 for each partner, from Italy, Spain, Latvia, Romania, Greece and the Czech Republic who worked in a climate of total sharing for 5 days. The partecipants tried to improve their attitudes as educators for adults and, more specifically, to increase their knowledge and skills in the use of digital tools.

The intergenerational exchange was the most appreciated thing, the adults got involved by developing their ability to adapt to the use of digital tools and the young people made themselves available in providing them with the attitudes that are certainly more developed in the field.  Young people also benefited from listening to what is the experience of those who have experienced firsthand the transition from an analogue world to a digitized one.

We started from the experiences and knowledge that each of the national groups has lived or lives in their country, such as what are the major problems that adults encounter on the web, what are the risks they often face, how they can avoid these risks and what are the tools that could facilitate the insertion of adults in this increasingly digital world. The most common problem we have encountered in all participating nations is the lack of knowledge and ability to use the digital bank, most adults still prefer to go to the counter, to do any type of operation, when now with a simple click from your phone you can do all the desired operations. We also focused on why, among adults, the digital bank has not yet spread, and one of the responses that has received the most acclaim was that those who have always had money in hand find it hard to get used to having money only virtually.

Many tools have been treated and deepened, starting from the use of the Office package, passing through Canva, Discord, Inshot, Google Drive, Prezi, Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook, Teachermade, Learningapps,

Trading Stock arriving at how to create digital documents, process which varies from country to country.

Another topic dealt with, purely more theoretical, was that of the human skills that a trainer must possess and here too discussion, sharing and group work were fundamental. All groups had to first create and then explain. a map, then illustrating to the other groups what they think are the skills that an educator should have, so that everyone inside can understand which skills they need to improve, which they need to acquire and what their strengths are.

The project will continue, with the next meeting in February 2022, in Sweden and we are sure that we will get there with still many ideas and good practices to share!

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