After the training held in Elche, all the partners of the UPGRADE E-ADULTS project organized local events to bring back to each territory the skills learned during those training days.

Today we will talk about the activity carried out by Petit Pas Aps, the Italian partner of the project, who carried out an activity locally focused on intergenerational exchange.

During this local training, we have provided the young people, adults and adult educators present, with techniques and advice for the proper use of social networks, seeing with them, how to keep an updated profile and how this can affect the reputation that the people have towards us, in addition to discussing the importance of developing critical and analytical thinking in order to analyze, all the news and information that we find on social media in order to be able to distinguish which ones deserve attention and which ones do not. We did not focus only on social networks, but we also showed them the virtual rooms, taken by storm by our young people, especially in the COVID era, but still how to use all the functions made available by google well and also how to use the tools for graphic design, such as CANVA and ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR, which are the most accessible to all.

At the end of the workshop it was interesting to note that each generation has to face its own obstacles but also has the resources at its disposal.

The most original aspect of the initiative is given by the fact that – in order to respond to the need to innovate the training methodology by adapting it to the needs of learners – the paradigm that typically sees adults teaching young people is overturned: in this case they are young volunteer students. . which assist the less young in a very friendly training environment (each young person assists an adult) to approach surfing the Internet and e-mail for the first time.

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