TM LARISSA 14-17 September 2021

From 14 to 17 september there was in Larissa, the 2th transnational meeting on the project “Upgrade E-Adults” n 2019-1-CZ01-KA204-061219.

This meeting was fundamental for the continuation of the project, as, with the pandemic there was no longer a way to meet, so the first reason was this, the possibility of being able to share the thoughts of everyone finally of presence and no longer remotely. Partners from the Czech Republic, Greece, Spain, Romania, Italy and Lithuania participated in the meeting, bringing to everyone’s attention what has been done in recent months for the project. The Greek association IED which during the pandemic organized training courses for people over 30, the Romanian association CASA CORPULUI DIDACTIC ILFOV, which collaborated with local newspapers, publishing 2 articles to raise awareness of the project and its objectives , Petit Pas from Italy is committed to keeping the website updated and accessible to all while the other nations have focused more on the problems present within their territory and on how to solve them, such as in Lithuania, where one of the biggest problems for adults is adapting to the digital bank. All this was dealt with on the first day, also setting the objectives for the next meetings, which will be held in Romania in late October and in Spain in mid-November. On the second day, however, we dedicated ourselves more to the practical, in fact there was a visit to a private school for adults, at the forefront that gives adults the opportunity to specialize in a certain sector, such as the hotel industry, the cosmetic one, up to the medical sector as well. A huge thank you to the IED association for organizing this meeting in great detail, and to all the participants for sharing their idea, situation and giving some ideas for the continuation of the project.

Luca Pasquadibisceglie – Petit Pas Aps team.

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