The Spanish partner also completed the local activity aimed at transmitting the skills developed within the UPGRADE E-ADULTS project to adults with disadvantages towards technology.

ACD La Hoya, reach organized both face-to-face and online activities, enabling more people.

Before the actual start of the activity, the trainer wanted to present the project to the participants, showing the results achieved so far and how we collected them, in fact they also had the opportunity to know our site web.

The activity, however, as mentioned, was divided into two parts.
The first, relating to digital tools, saw the explanation of platforms such as:

1. WeTransfer Plus: a platform that allows you to securely send any type of file / document, in fact with WeTransfer Plus anyone who sends a document provides a password only to those who want these documents to arrive.
It also gives the possibility to send files and documents even of large dimensions

2. Piktochart: is a web-based graphic design tool and infographic creator Piktochart has focused on empowering users to create infographics that are ready for web publishers and able to stand out as multimedia content. Piktochart provides over 600 templates that users can modify or, using more advanced features, customize them as desired.

The current version of Piktochart, includes an HTML editor that allows users to create visual elements that can be viewed online or embedded in a website, as well as allowing the user to include more interactive elements such as charts, videos, map display and animated icons.

The second part of the activity focused on the management and use of social media in a correct and functional way.

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