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The partner “Latvian Dyslexia Association” was enthusiastic to prepare and deliver training in use of assistive technologies for people with reading disabilities.  Use of assistive technologies alongside with using audio textbooks is the most vital way to compensate for poor literacy skills both in children and adults. Sophisticated provision and wide use of assistive technologies is a spine of support for reading disabled population in many European countries.  For example, Sweden claims that 20% of…

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The Romanian partner, CASA CORPULUI DIDACTIC ILFOV, organized the local activity to transfer the skills learned during the UPGRADE E-ADULTS project to the target group. 20 participants were involved divided into: -10 parents and grandparents -3 people assisted by social services -7 second chance trainees, assisted by the city council (workers with minimum income or unemployed. The objectives of this workshop that took place over 4 days, lasting 4 hours a day. were:  Bringing adults…

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The Spanish partner also completed the local activity aimed at transmitting the skills developed within the UPGRADE E-ADULTS project to adults with disadvantages towards technology. ACD La Hoya, reach organized both face-to-face and online activities, enabling more people. Before the actual start of the activity, the trainer wanted to present the project to the participants, showing the results achieved so far and how we collected them, in fact they also had the opportunity to know…

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The Greek partner, IED, organized local workshops to transfer the digital skills acquired during the UPGRADE E-ADULTS project to the target group. This activity has obtained 22 participations, divided between young people and disadvantaged adults, in turn divided into two teams. The aim of this workshop was to provide participants with basic digital skills, such as: 1. Effective Google Search: Not all results are useful when someone google. On the other hand, it is sometimes…

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