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Fact-checking websites

A tool to find the truth Introduction In last month’s article, we talked about Fake News and how to fight them in general. This month I want to look closer at fact-checking websites as a tool to find out the truth. I will describe what they are and present some examples. Fact-checking  Fact-checking websites are normally independent and non-partisan and present facts in a mostly unbiased way. Different sites might focus on different topic or…

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Alternative Search Engines

If you search for information on the internet almost everyone uses Google without much thinking. Google’s dominance on the search engine market is so huge, that „to google something“ has become part of our language. Although the search algorithms of Google are considered the most advanced, there are some downsides like lacking privacy and data protection. Luckily there are reasonable alternatives to Google that secure privacy, help with scientific research, or plant trees.This blog article…

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What are digital skills?

Digital skills are a universe of technological skills, ranging from basic ones such as computer use, to more specific and advanced ones such as software development for artificial intelligence. They continuously change with the evolution of technologies and will also change over time, because what is now considered ‘digital literacy’, once universally acquired, will be taken for granted. In the near future, 9 out of 10 jobs will require digital skills. The digital skills referred…

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