The Romanian partner, CASA CORPULUI DIDACTIC ILFOV, organized the local activity to transfer the skills learned during the UPGRADE E-ADULTS project to the target group.

20 participants were involved divided into:

-10 parents and grandparents

-3 people assisted by social services

-7 second chance trainees, assisted by the city council (workers with minimum income or unemployed.

The objectives of this workshop that took place over 4 days, lasting 4 hours a day. were:

  1.  Bringing adults to have a familiar relationship with the digital society.
  2.  Make them exercise in the stages of information and communication in the digital environment.
  3. The acquisition by the participants of skills and competences in navigation and in accessing applications, software that will facilitate their integration and communication and will change their perception of the virtual environment.
  4. Participants will have the skills to identify and avoid possible risks associated with Internet browsing.
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