Practical tips on How (and How Not) to Use Social Media to Job Search

Social media, including sites like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, can help you find a job and connect with people who can assist you with growing your career.
However, it’s important to be careful and consider what you should do on social media to aid your job search, here is a list of dos and don’ts when using social media for your job search:

  1. Do Create an Online Presence to showcase your skills and experience. Your online social media pages will also help you connect with contacts who can expedite your job search and assist you with moving up the career ladder.
  2.  Do Be Consistent make sure the information you shared on your resume match with the information on Linkedin and your other social media profiles.
  3. Don’t Get Fired if you share company business (good or bad) or post inappropriate content, you could get in trouble with your current manager, and it could even cost you your job, especially if you post on social media while at work.
  4. Do Google Your Name and check what’s online, be aware of what shows up when someone Googles your name.
  5. Do Be Careful What You Tweet you never know who might read it.
  6. Don’t Forget Your Facebook Privacy Settings often, people you don’t know can see your photos that you’re tagged in or read your posts. Take some time to review what strangers, as well as friends of friends, can see.
  7. Do Network Before You Need To build your network well in advance of when you need it. Make connections in your industry and career field. Follow career experts. Join Groups on LinkedIn and Facebook, then post and join the discussion. Be engaged and proactive in your communications. By building a network in advance, you won’t have to scramble if you unexpectedly lose your job or decide it’s time to move on.
  8. Do Give to Get networking works both ways — the more you are willing to help someone else, the more likely they will be to help you. Giving to get really does work — your connections are more likely to return the favor when you’ve offered to help them.
  9. Don’t Connect With Everyone quality is more important than quantity when it comes to connecting. The first question you should ask yourself when making connections is how can the person help me? The second question is what can I do to help them?
  10. Don’t Spend Time Online on Your Boss’s Dime many people job search from work but given the way companies monitor employees, it’s not wise to use your work computer or email account for job searching.
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