Upgrade E-adults is an international Erasmus + strategic partnership project of cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices that aims to disseminate good practices at European level through the training of trainers, who can provide digital skills, particularly in the use of social networks applied to the world of work to disadvantaged adults.


The project’s main beneficiaries are:

  • staff working with adults, adult educators, disadvantaged adults
  • representatives of organisations directly working in the field of adult education
  • local authorities, commercial entities, labour market offices and employment centres, professionals linked to the field of adult education through, research, and information counselling
  • trainers


• To share and collect good practice as a base for training of trainers

• To establish a training structure for trainers and educators

• To develop a manual to develop the ICT and digital skills for adults that the research identifies as needed

• To define a sustainable strategy with on-going effects on the partners, created learning structure and target groups

• To establish network to promote, offer and provide the adult education programmes to reach all

potential participants

• To increase life quality for the individual and value creation and flexibility in working life

• To train qualified trainers and educators who will implement the programmes and support the adult learners at the risk or exclusion.

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